Friday, April 27, 2012


One of the joys of being a parent is meeting the friends of their children.  Then, when the friends get married and have their own children, it is equally fun to watch them parent.  Lucky us, this generation has many ways to communicate with others.  Lucky me, some of Kenneth's friends blog, so I can keep up with their goings on.

Through blogs I have met Parker, Finley and Braden.  I have never met Finley and Braden, but I have had the opportunity to meet Parker.  Through his mom's writings, I have gained a great appreciation for this funny and fun little guy.  So when I heard that he loved Casey at the Bat, I had to find a way to see him.  Unfortunately, that is hard to do since they are in the UK for several years.

I had heard that Sam and Parker might be coming home, but I didn't know that I would be able to see them.  After all, they don't get home often, and I didn't want to impose.  Just leave it to divine intervention, however, and things work out.  And I do believe in divine intervention, by the way.

I was at the nail salon a week ago, and as I was finishing up, three young women came into the salon.  I said to the manicurist, "Is that Sam?"  Gena had no idea of whom I was speaking, but by that time, I had gotten a clear view, and indeed it was Samantha, there to get her manicure for the wedding she was going to be in.  I was able to talk to her about being home, and we arranged a time for me to come by to read Casey at the Bat to Parker.  I was thrilled!

So Tuesday morning, Kenneth's Casey at the Bat book in hand, I arrived at Sam's house.  Parker and GramGram answered the door, I showed my book to Parker, but I quickly found out it is hard to compete with Pluto and Mickey Mouse.  Within a minute or so, however, he ambled over to me, asking to hear the book.  Be still my heart!

I read it once to him, and I loved it.  GramGram cried.  Parker wanted to hear it again.  I was in heaven, but I had the presence of mind to set up my iPad and tape it.  While typing this post, I watched it again, and laughed and laughed.  Parker is a special little guy!  Thanks Sam and GramGram for letting me take an hour of your day.  You made my week!


  1. Sweet little boy! Glad you got to see him!

  2. Oh! First I'm jealous you got to see Sam and Parker... and second, we hope to see you soon! Our trips to Kansas aren't as frequent as we'd like.

  3. Rachel, I can't wait to meet Finley and Braden. I feel like I already know them, but that isn't good enough. Hoping this summer or fall we can connect!